Andrew Denton Hints At Surprising Moment During First Episode Of His New Show

Apr 17, 2018


Andrew Denton says the Campbell sisters delivered a ‘jaw-dropping’ moment during the first episode of 'Interview', his new show debuting Tuesday night on 7.

“Tonight it’s Cate and Bronte Campbell who just won a billion gold and silver medals at the Commonwealth Games,” Andrew told FIVEaa. “I’ve interviewed a lot of athletes and a lot of swimmers and often they’re kind of on script.”

“These girls were really, really surprising.

“Delightful but also unexpectedly deep. At the end of the interview tonight Bronte reads a poem she’s written and you’re probably thinking what I was thinking before she read it, which was this could be clunky, this could be doggerel, it could be a bit embarrassing…

“It’s not. She writes poetry all the time and your jaw’s going to drop.”

Denton said ‘Interview’ had the “same bones” as his popular ‘Enough Rope’ show.

“It’s trying to find really fascinating human beings, some of whom we already think we know but when you sit down and have a longer conversation you realise, oh, I didn’t actually know them that well at all.

“The secret weapon I have, which makes me look like a better interviewer than I am, is just time.

“When you talk to people over time they start to unfold and become more themselves than if it’s a 10-minute interview where they’re on script.”