Adelaide’s Weather Could Be About To Get Crazy

Jan 29, 2020


Adelaide faces the prospect of going from 40 degree temps to potentially 30mm of rain within the space of 48 hours.

Wednesday was forecast to hit 38 in the city, and the Bureau of Meteorology’s Simon Timke told FIVEaa Breakfast:

“Even hotter tomorrow. Another very hot day on the way up to 42 degrees and a little but more wind around… bringing some of the very hot air down from the north over us.

“And then humid on Friday. As well as bringing down some hot air it’s bringing down some tropical humidity on Friday, up to 36 degrees and feeling a but humid… a fairly uncomfortable few days ahead…

“But eventually I think we’ll see some showers. Friday afternoon we’re a chance of seeing some showers about the place, possibly even a rumble of thunder, and then quite a wet day for Saturday… I think we’ll have quite a bit of rain during the day.”

Between 10 and 30mm are tipped to fall over the city on Saturday, with rain becoming less likely in the afternoon and evening.