Adelaide Vigilante Says He Will Continue To Hunt Online Predators

Dec 15, 2017


A self-styled “Adelaide Pedo Hunter” says he will “absolutely” continue to chase potential predators after police arrested a man the vigilante detained at a train station.

The hunter says he arranged to meet the man at a train station after chatting with him online using the fake profile of an underage boy.

“I think that I’ve acted completely within the law,” he told FIVEaa. “All I’ve done is record somebody’s actions online. I haven’t lured anybody -- he lured and tried to groom a 13-year-old. All of the evidence is there for the police.”

He dismissed a warning from police for would-be vigilantes not to take the law into their own hands and to “let us do our job”.

“Unfortunately maybe they feel a little but embarrassed that I was able to do this so easily,” the man said.

“They need to have a lot more police doing this and if they did I certainly wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet five or six… Within two hours to meet five or six paedophiles within three kilometres of your home shows that they’re not doing their job.”