Adelaide Oval Could Miss Out On An India Test Next Year

Nov 28, 2019


There is a real chance Adelaide Oval could be snubbed during India’s test match tour of Australia next year despite having the second best attendance figures in the country.

SACA CEO Keith Bradshaw told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday it is a yearly battle to make sure the iconic ground isn’t overlooked:

“To be honest it is, and that’s quite disappointing. We’re in negotiations, discussions, robust debate -- whatever term -- with India next year.

“India are touring and Afghanistan so we have four India tests and one against Afghanistan, so one of the major venues will miss out on an India test.

“Already we’re working very hard to make sure it’s not Adelaide. It just seems incredible to even contemplate that we would not have a test match against India…

“We are the second highest attended test match in Australia just behind Melbourne. If it were not for the Boxing Day we would be the highest attended. We’re the highest per captia attendance. We shoot the lights on all the things that you would expect from a tier one venue across the country.

“We are either first or second on the list in virtually ever criteria so it’s disappointing that every year we still need to put our best foot forward…”

FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy said it was “absurd that Adelaide’s even a chip on the table for that”.

“There’s so many Indian cricketers that have got an emotional connection to playing in Adelaide,” he said. “But beyond that there’s a sort universal recognition within cricket that at the very least it’s in the top five ovals in the entire world.”