Adelaide Man Fights His Pub Ban Over Comment To A Female Employee

Mar 12, 2019


Screenwriter Leonard Lee, 72, says he was an “easy target” after he was banned for a month from North Adelaide’s Royal Oak hotel after telling a female drive-through employee it was “nice to see you are in shorts” on a 42-degree day last month.

“This is just nonsense,” Mr Lee told FIVEaa Breakfast on Tuesday.

“It’s #MeToo -- and I subscribe to #MeToo -- it’s #MeToo gone mad. Absolutely.

“It’s somebody who believes that she’s a victim of male discrimination and she was casting around for a perpetrator and she found this fat, old guy who’s a regular customer, thought he was a friend of hers, and let him have it.

“I was low hanging, ripe fruit -- an easy target.”