Adelaide Bus Caught Up In Terrifying “Near Miss” At City Construction Site

Feb 18, 2019


An attachment has fallen off a crane at a building site on Currie Street and smashed the window of the bus it landed on, reports FIVEaa’s David Penberthy.

Penbo said during FIVEaa breakfast’s Breaking @ 8 segment on Monday:

“Either last week or the week before apparently one of those giant chains that is meant to be attached to the side of the cranes that are being used by Synergy Construct, the chain fell off and went plummeting down into Currie Street where it landed on top of one of our city buses and it smashed the window of the bus.

“Mercifully no one was injured in this near miss but the people who have told me about this have described the operators of this construction site as cowboys.

“I understand too that the council is not impressed and has been talking to businesses about the impact that it is having on them.”