A “Wild Rumour” Is Doing The Rounds Ahead Of The Election: Penbo

Apr 18, 2019


David Penberthy | FIVEaa

FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy is warning voters to “keep your eyes peeled for weirdness” as a “bizarre rumour” swirls about a federal election candidate.

Penbo said during Thursday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“Pardon my French but at election time candidates have an unpleasant propensity for preparing what are known in the trade as ‘S. H. * T. sheets’ about their opponents. These sheets appear anonymously in people’s letterboxes and make all sorts of allegations about them.

“We’ve heard -- and I’m not going to reveal any of the details yet, but apparently there’s one candidate who’s running… there’s a wild rumour doing the rounds, and if it comes out about this candidate it’s going to cast their chances of victory at this election or indeed any others into the future under a very massive cloud if these allegations are substantiated in any way."

Asked whether the allegation was criminal, Penbo replied: “No, it’s not. It’s just bizarre.”

“A bizarre rumour doing the rounds, so watch this space because if this story emerges -- it will be a brave journo who goes there -- it’s just a weird bit of human behaviour that will leave everybody scratching their heads as to how this person decided to throw their hat into the ring for public office.

“Keep your eyes peeled for weirdness in the federal election campaign here in South Australia.”