A Local Member Scared Off A Couple Of Graffiti Vandals Early This Morning

Feb 14, 2018


Member for Croydon Michael Atkinson came across two men vandalising the West Croydon train station early Wednesday morning.

“I noticed two blokes were on the platform but they didn’t appear to be waiting for the train,” Mr Atkinson told FIVEaa. “They were graffitiing the station, trashing the station, which I feel pretty strongly about because the Rosetta St greening group volunteers have done a great job cleaning up and decorating the station.

“I took a couple of photographs of him and he didn’t notice me coming… Last time I saw something like this probably a year ago they did throw rocks at me. This time they just ran away. I took a video of them running away.

“The police called in at my electorate office... we went through the video and I’ll leave that in the capable hands of the South Australia Police. It’s what any member of the public should do.”