A Local Council Has Banned Balloons

Nov 4, 2019


Giving up balloons is “something small” we can all do to help our environment, says Victor Harbor Mayor Moira Jenkins.

Victor Harbor council has banned balloons at all civic events and private events held on council land.

She told FIVEaa Breakfast:

“We live in such a beautiful environment here in Victor Harbor… and balloons, especially helium balloons, can travel a very long distance and if they’re accidentally released they can have an awful impact on our wildlife.

“This is about council doing its bit and educating the community and the community doing its bit so we protect our environment.

“It’s really about education. Will be making sure if people apply to hold an event on council land that they don’t use balloons, that they use alternatives. It’s not about being the fun police at all -- it’s about looking after environments.

“If we can do something small like use a substitute then we are doing good for the environment and it really doesn’t take much to do something small for that.”