A Famous Adelaide Sporting Club Looks Like It Will Be Shut Down Tonight

Oct 8, 2019


The almost 100-year-old Kilburn football and cricket club appears like it will be wound up at a Port Adelaide Enfield Council meeting on Tuesday night, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Penbo said during Tuesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“Today we can reveal that tonight it sounds like the council is going to be making what might be a final decision on whether the football and cricket club can continue.

“Our understanding is that the council is increasingly of the view that it cannot, and it sounds like they might be winding it up…

“The council has completed a confidential restructure study of the oval and surrounds… they’ve drawn up tentative plans for a reconfiguration of the facilities which end up with multiple soccer fields… but there’s not football or cricket oval in those plans.

“It will be terrifically sad in a community that’s always had the football in winter, cricket in summer model for both those clubs to go to the wall and for it to become nothing other than a soccer centre.”