A Decision Has Been Made About The Police Officer Who Struck A Suspect

Sep 6, 2019


The police officer filmed striking a suspect earlier this year has no case to answer, says Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

Commissioner Stevens told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday:

“We have conducted an internal inquiry in relation to the conduct of the police officer. The determination is there will be no action against that police officer…

“Police officers confront extremely dangerous situations, violent situations, all too frequently and my expectation is they will take appropriate action, reasonable action, to mitigate the threat to themselves and other people.

“I expect police officers who are out there protecting the community to be able to go home every night safely without being harmed. If you threaten a police officer you should expect that the police officer will take action to mitigate that threat.

“I have absolute support for the police officers who take that action.

“The determination we arrived at has been referred to the Office of Public Integrity and they have identified no issues with our determination. This is not just us looking at ourselves, we take these matters very seriously.”