Three-Year-Old Boy Gets The Operation He Needs After Desperate Call To FIVEaa

Jul 6, 2018


Local grandma Nina was in tears when she rang FIVEaa’s Alan Hickey from a hospital emergency room last week.


Nina was distraught her three-year-old grandson wasn’t getting the grommets he needed despite suffering nine ear infections in the last year.

She explained:

“He’s got six referrals from specialists… he’s grinding his teeth, he’s gone deaf in both ears at the moment. He’s not talking because he can’t hear us talking.

“We’re here at the emergency in Women’s and Children’s everyday trying to get another referral so we can get an operation. I’m willing to sell my car.

“He’s crying, he’s not eating. I feel so sorry for him and I can’t do anything… I’m willing to pay for it tomorrow… but there’s no one there to help me.”

Alan Hickey put Nina in contact with someone he thought could help, and one week later Nina rang back.

“Last week I called you about my grandson who’s got hearing problems and throat problems... he wanted grommets in his ears.

“A lovely lady we got in contact with from you called my daughter back -- my grandson’s having an operation next Friday.”

“The poor little soldier can get his ears done -- grommets -- and his tonsils pulled out. It is lovely -- and thank you to you.”