The Bureau Is Now Saying It Will Be 44 In Adelaide On Thursday

Jan 21, 2019


UPDATED, 4:17pm: Latest forecast from

The Bureau of Meteorology has revised its Thursday forecast for Adelaide up to 44 degrees.

The BOM’s Sam Slattery told FIVEaa’s Alan Hickey on Monday afternoon:

“Thursday’s our big day in question. Although the new forecast isn’t out yet we are going to increase that up to 44 degrees. Just think of all the washing you could get done…

“We had a 44 earlier… December I think it was. We’ve had a 44 already at Kent Town, not at West Terrace. We have already had one day this warm but they’re still uncomfortable.

“We do get a change come through but we’re only dropping those temperatures back to about 34. We get the wind change come through but those temperatures are going to take a little bit to cool down…. Definitely warm right up until the weekend.”

The updated and official BOM forecast was due out at 4.10pm Monday.

Tuesday - 37

Wednesday - 39

Thursday - 44

Friday - 34

Saturday - 31

Sunday - 27