Alan Hickey Breaks Up In Wrenching Chat With Childhood Cancer Survivor Thomas

Nov 15, 2018


Afternoons announcer and cancer survivor himself Alan Hickey was floored when he had 11-year-old Thomas Hartley into the FIVEaa studio on Thursday.

Thomas was diagnosed with a brain tumour at six months and then relapsed at seven, going through two bouts of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries along the way.

“It was incredibly difficult,” Tom told Alan. “Every Wednesday morning before school I had to go to the hospital and I had to have around a 10cm needle stuck into my stomach.”

“Then for around an hour I was hooked up to a machine that pushed medicine in… when the doctor said all the medicine was in they took the needle out and I was able to go.

“It made me feel so sick. I had no energy at all.

“It’s been really hard but whatever doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.”

Tom’s bravery and resilience resonated with Alan who himself went through a battle with cancer in 2016.

“Mate, for you to be sitting here with a big smile on your face looking at me now,” Alan told Tom...

“I’ve been through chemotherapy and it damn near took me out as well so I can sympathise. I am so much in awe of you Thomas… you could get through what I nearly didn’t.”



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