A Cool Change Is Heading For Adelaide, But Don’t Cut The AC Just Yet

Jan 24, 2019


A cool change is making its way towards Adelaide after the city recorded its hottest day on record.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported a new record had been set when the temp hit 46.2 at 1.42pm. By 2.50pm it had reached 46.3.

The BOM’s Brett Gage has told FIVEaa a change is on the way… eventually:

“It is on the way, it’s moved past Ceduna now, but it is going to take its time,” Brett said. “It’s not really expected here through Adelaide until about midnight and it doesn’t look like it’ll be too blowy with the change either.”

“It’s going to be a fairly weak sort of change. Nonetheless we are expecting temperatures to get down to a minimum of 24 eventually. That’ll be a pretty late minimum, it’s going to take a long time to get down to that but it will get down to there.

“We’re still going for a top of 31 tomorrow which is good news for everyone.”