Nick Xenophon Answers The Question Everyone Is Asking

Oct 19, 2017


Nick Xenophon has been grilled on FIVEaa about which party he will back if his SA Best team holds the balance of power after next year’s state election.

“I want government in this state to fundamentally change, whomever holds government,” Xenophon told FIVEaa on Thursday. “We actually have a broken political system -- it’s dysfunctional, it doesn’t work, the parliament doesn’t work as it should, government doesn’t works as it should, there doesn’t appear to be a decent alternative in a Liberal party…”

“We basically have a government that deserves to lose and an opposition that doesn’t deserve to win.

“It would be a nonsense for me to say which side we would back. It depends who wins what seat, number of seats, how many votes are cast as an overall percentage … and who can deliver on the agenda that SA best has to move the state forward. That has to include parliamentary reform.”

Earlier associate editor at The Australian Chris Kenny called on Xenophon to declare his hand.

“He needs to declare before the election whether or not he thinks there should be a change of government. Does he think its time for Labor to get out of there?

“If things are so broken -- as Nick Xenophon says -- then he needs to declare whether there needs to be a change of government, so people know what they’re voting for.”