The Scrapped On Air Segment David & Will Didn’t Want You To Hear

Dec 20, 2019


Earlier this month David & Will caused a stir when they aired a radio play starring themselves and other station announcers on FIVEaa Breakfast…

The first two episodes caused such a stir -- which you can re-live here -- they never aired the final two episodes.

At the time David Penberthy said the show had received “hundreds and hundreds of texts saying do not play the radio play ever again”.

“The radio play is garbage. That came through emphatically, powerfully yesterday and the day before,” Penbo said.

“We’ve got to own this, Will, you and I, because whatever discernible talents we may or may not have they do not include acting in radio plays. We have to wear it.”

Now… for the first time… we have the complete radio play in all its GLORY -- including the never-before-heard segments…

So here it is -- 4 episodes in two parts: