Video Shows Premier Slipping Out Of SA On “Secret Trip”

Jan 13, 2020


Channel 7 political reporter and FIVEaa’s Mike Smithson has tweeted vision of Premier Steven Marshall quietly leaving Adelaide Airport on what Mike has dubbed the Premier's “SECRET TRIP.”


Smitho told FIVEaa’s Leith Forrest on Monday afternoon:

“Unbeknown to many people… the Premier this morning jetted off to Singapore and then he’s onto Tokyo for important, as he told me, trade talks and also a bit of a knees up to do with Adelaide uni alumni in Singapore.

“Normally the Premier when he leaves and goes somewhere the media are notified and quite often go to the airport and speak to him as he departs. Today was very much not like that. He slipped quietly through the airport… and quietly onto a plane and off he went.

“I think the suspicious part of me would say he didn’t want the public to know and he certainly didn’t want the media to get shots of him leaving. I find it curious…

“I think if you’re going to go away on a trip… I would’ve thought you would at least mention that, ‘By the way I am going overseas.’ If you don’t mention it it’s probably because you don’t want people to know.

“I think he’s been exemplary in handling the bushfires but I think the whole Scott Morrison episode of being away during a crisis absolutely spooked the Premier on this occasion and his staff… it’s just a strange one… I’ll leave it to your listeners whether it’s a bad look.”