There’s Actually Some Great News Coming From Over On Kangaroo Island

Mar 19, 2020


FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy had some welcome “good news” to report after speaking with Michael Pengilly  -- the mayor of KI -- after the island was devastated by bushfires.

Penbo said during Thursday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“Good news here. I spoke to Michael the other day and he told me the clean up on Kangaroo Island is now set to be finished by the end of May. And how’s this, the mayoral fund that was set up as the general pool for raising money raised five million bucks. At a time when we’re talking about people squabbling over toilet paper that’s a huge credit to everyone who chipped in.

“What that money has been used for: it’s now paid out over $1.8 million which includes $330,000 for destroyed homes, $460,000 for damaged sheds, $424,000 for infrastructure damage and $310,000 in direct payments to families for loss of income. That’s where the money you donated is going.

“Bit of light there at the end of the tunnel over there on beautiful Kangaroo Island.”