SA’s Coronavirus Growth Rate Is The “Lowest In The Nation”

Mar 25, 2020


South Australia’s “world-leading coronavirus-testing regime is flattening the state’s growth rate of new cases to the lowest in the nation”, reports The Advertiser.

According to the paper:

Expert evidence shows how SA is giving itself an early fighting chance in a long battle to halt the disease’s spread…

The Our World in Data project, powered by the University of Oxford, shows on a global scale the reach of SA’s testing is world leading, along with the United Arab Emirates.

Based on the most recent available data, which the university took from March 20, SA was testing 9543 out of every million people.

That is 10 times higher than the UK, and 20 times more than the US. It is also a testing rate twice as rigorous as the Australian average.

Separate analysis by Australia’s Grattan Institute, released to The Advertiser, shows SA is on a path where the number of confirmed cases doubles about every four days.