SAPOL On Standby In Case Tensions ‘Bubble Over’ At Supermarkets

Mar 19, 2020


SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens says he “wouldn’t be surprised” to see tensions boil over inside local supermarkets but is confident officers will “quell any unrest before it becomes a serious problem”.

Commissioner Stevens told FIVEaa Breakfast’s David & Will on Thursday:

“We are paying attention to shopping centre areas because there is a heightened level of activity, which is I think common knowledge. But we would respond to any calls for assistance as we normally would.

It’s disappointing to see the sort of activity that we’re seeing around our shopping centres at the moment and it would be even more disappointing if we get to a point where people are brawling in the aisles.

“This is a point in time where there are tensions in the community… this is a different set of circumstances than we’ve ever confronted before. I wouldn’t be surprised that we do see these tensions bubbling over but that’s why we’re there.

“I’m hopeful that we can quell any unrest before it becomes a serious problem.”