SAHMRI Researcher Shares Tips For Keeping It Together During Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 20, 2020


SAHMRI research lead Joep Van Agteren joined FIVEaa Breakfast on International Happiness Day to discuss how people can deal with isolation and anxiety in these times of uncertainty.

Joep told David & Will:

“Even though it’s a bit of challenging time it’s ok for us to celebrate the things we still do have instead of focusing on what we can’t do…

“The good thing is this isn’t happening in 1970 where we don’t have access to devices and internet around us so there are nifty ways we can build social connections without interacting with people at the pub or at the footy.

“There’s a couple of rules that normally help to make this a little bit more bearable:

“Social network. Take a time out when you’re feeling too cooped up with your significant other. It’s ok to take a bit of time apart.

“Do your relaxation. If you have a hobby or you still exercise makes sure you do that.

“Practice some alternative thinking. There’s a lot of bad news out there and it’s easy to get caught in that loop of negativity. Sometimes celebrate the good parts of life and be mindful.”