SA Has Been Revealed As The Most Sweary State In Australia

Nov 29, 2019


South Australians swear more than the residents of any other Aussie state, according to a new survey.

7 News reports the Oral-B ‘Clean Up Your Mouth Campaign’ found people in SA swear the most in the nation while those in WA swear the least.

According to the survey results:

- The average Australian drops an expletive around seven times per day.

- 29 per cent of South Australians swear more than 16 times per day.

- 54 per cent of West Australian residents swear less than five times per day. 18 per cent of locals out west claim they don't swear at all.

- The study also found men swear more than women.

- Australians don’t swear to cause offence: 54 per cent do it to relieve tension and 24 per cent use bad language for comedic effect.