Republic Campaigner Says He “Feels Sad” For The Royal Family

Jan 14, 2020


Crusader for an Australian republic Peter FitzSimons says he feels sad about the “dysfunction” currently buffeting the royal family -- “a family like any other” -- but that it is helping his campaign.

Following Harry and Meghan’s bombshell decision to distance themselves from the family, FitzSimons told FIVEaa’s Graeme Goodings on Tuesday:

“Certainly there’s been a lot of interest and a lot of commentary about it. I feel sad for the family for a start. They’re a family like any other. The fact that there’s all sorts of angst is not good, but if you ask me whether it’s good for the republic movement absolutely it is because what the royal family sells is that they’re a better family producing better people than everybody else.

“When you go to the Prince Andrew thing you go, hang on, he’s not better than anybody else. The sad dysfunction of what we’re seeing at the moment, that’s like many families. There’s a lot of families like that. It says they’re a family like any other and it cuts into the whole thing of these are special people, much better than the rest of us.

“I sympathise with him [Prince Harry] and his wife… it would be a shocking life… it would be a pretty grim 30 or 40 years to get through.”