Premier Steven Marshall Updates On The Situation With Schools In South Australia

Mar 23, 2020


Premier Steven Marshall joins David & Will on FIVEaa Breakfast and begins with an update on schools in South Australia:

“We’re all hearing the exactly same message from the AHPPC and Brendan Murphy the chief medical officer and his advice is very clear: schools should remain open.

“I think what the agreement was last night is we do need to provide some more flexible learning options for parents who believe they can supervise their children and look after them at home but that’s not going to be the situation in every single case so we need to be mindful of that.

“The schools in South Australia have been doing an exceptional job and we will move towards more flexible arrangements over the coming days and weeks. Some schools are already there… some students can’t go to school so we’ve had to provide lessons and learning plans for them at home. Now we have to do it on a much larger scale.

“But the message from the AHPPC is very clear: send your children to school. If we do this we will slow the spread of the disease. But having said that there are some parents who would like to have their children out of school.”