Premier Slammed As A “Keyboard Warrior” On FIVEaa Breakfast

Dec 19, 2019


FIVEaa Breakfast regular Matthew Abraham accuses Steven Marshall of hiding “behind his phone”…

The comments came after Matt called out the Liberal premier for “wriggling” out of a promise to deliver a fuel pricing app.

“The government promised before the election that they would introduce a real time fuel pricing app,” Matt said on Thursday, “which they have in NSW.”

“It works very well… Vicki Chapman promised that before the last election because the Labor party was talking about it as well…

“A few months ago it all got a bit too hard, couldn’t do it, we’re going to shelve it. I thought, are you kidding me? How hard can that be? It’s an app!

“I think it got a bit too hard. I think the industry probably kicked up about it because they don’t like having to commit to prices, they like playing this game…”

Meanwhile FIVEaa Breakfast summer host Mike Smithson received a text message from the premier saying:

“We need to be careful. There is plenty of evidence around the world that by providing the data it can be used to game the market and actually increase the price for consumers. Once the data is published it’s used by retailers as well.”

Matt challenged the premier to call into the show rather than “hide behind his phone”.

“Give me a break,” Matt said. “Premier, how about call in… call in now, Steven Marshall -- sending a text to Mike Smithson…

“Here’s the deal, don’t promise it then if it’s too hard. Don’t promise it. Tell people before the election: no, apps are dangerous. There’s no evidence at all in NSW that a petrol pricing app, people are gaming the market…

“Is he ringing in? No he’s going to hide behind his phone. That’s all right, Premier, you’re a keyboard warrior... He hasn’t sent me the text. Anyway, Premier, feel free to call in any time.”