Police Commissioner Talks About The Operation To Close SA’s Borders

Mar 23, 2020


Police Commissioners Grant Stevens tells FIVEaa’s Leon Byner state border control from 4pm Tuesday will be “as comprehensive as we can make it”.

Commissioner Stevens said on Monday:

“We will be doing checkpoints on the major entry roads to South Australia, but we’re also working with the Federal Police and Border Force to ensure the same practices are put in place at the airport. We‘ll also have staff at the railway station to advise travellers to South Australia who use rail. We’re essentially covering the significant volume of people coming into South Australia.”

The commissioner said people told to self-quarantine would “absolutely” be subject to spot checks.

“People will be requested to self-quarantine or advised that they must self-quarantine and we’ll give them some written instructions about what that means. We’ll also be obtaining their details including the address they’re proposing to self-quarantine…

“We’re already doing that with people who have returned from overseas… we have been doing spot checks on those people.”


Premier Steven Marshall announced the decision to close SA's borders on Sunday: