A ‘New Adelaide’ Will Emerge After Coronavirus, Says David Penberthy

Mar 27, 2020


Adelaide could emerge from the coronavirus crisis in a similar way to how New Orleans was “reborn” following Hurricane Katrina, argues FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Writing in The Advertiser, Penbo says:

Clearly not everything we love about our town will survive...

[But] we should remind ourselves that the coronavirus is not the Great War or World War II, we should try to find other more recent examples of cities that have emerged the stronger out of tragedy…

Creativity and risk-taking and the seizing of new opportunities comes out of the most miserable and bleak circumstances.

Post-corona Adelaide may even have advantages that jam-packed Sydney and Melbourne do not as our new city emerges. The thing to remember is that great new things will emerge...

And we will all be back around the dinner table soon enough, without a frigging tape measure, or separate bowls for the Charlesworth nuts.

Read Penbo's full article at adelaidenow.com.au