Latest Gangland Violence Could Make Underbelly Look Like “Kindergarten”

Jan 14, 2020


The murder of a Melbourne gangland figure last week has police bracing for a “series of revenge killings”, says FIVEaa’s Tony Pilkington.

Pilko said on Monday:

“Sections of the Victorian police force -- not that they’re prepared to talk about it, and I can understand why -- are bracing for a possible backlash as a result of the hit on a well-know criminal in Victoria last week… A 44-year-old shot to death, his son was also shot, he managed to get away.

“But sections of the police force and some of the media over there are saying the backlash, the revenge killings could make the ‘Underbelly’ crime wave of some years ago look like a push and a shove in a kindergarten.

“The Victorian police are not saying anything at all, but certainly sections of the media and police are bracing for what they consider will be a series of revenge killings… some sections are saying it is inevitable, it will happen.”