The Kangaroo Island Bushfire Is Officially Contained

Jan 21, 2020


The Ravine Fire on Kangaroo Island has been officially declared contained after more than three weeks of active firefighting by hundreds of firefighters...

But the island will again be on high alert Wednesday and Thursday this week.


This means that the forward rate of spread has been halted and no flare ups have occurred outside of the fire edge for a number of days.

Crews have worked tirelessly to ensure that the fire edge has been blacked out and secured.

The large contingent of firefighters and incident management personnel supported by many other agencies, private industry and local community members will still be operating in force on Kangaroo Island to ensure the fire stays contained leading into gusty, windier weather in the coming days.

Wednesday and Thursday this week are days of increased fire weather with north-westerly winds forecast early Wednesday morning before changing to westerly winds in the afternoon. Associated with these conditions is the potential for breakouts to occur to the south and east of the fire edge.

We are advising the community that whilst there is no immediate threat from this fire and the fire is contained, there is the potential for the situation to change.

There are still active areas of burning vegetation, trees, tree roots and stumps and we will still see smoke coming from this fireground in the days and potential weeks to come.

The community is asked to report any areas where smoke or flames are seen and not being attended to by fire service personnel by dialling triple 000.

Arduous firefighting crews are working to protect unburnt remnant pockets of native vegetation by running out extensive lengths of hose and using hand tools.

Aircraft will be continuing to operate on the Island in days to come should an outbreak occur.

Falling and burning trees, underground roots, damaged or blocked roads, fallen power lines, smoke, ash and possible asbestos contamination is still a risk and present new hazards in an ever changing landscape.

CFS ground observers will continue checking on control lines and using thermal imaging cameras to identify hot spots.

Much work is being conducted clearing roads to make areas safe for traffic.

Roads continued to be monitored and assessed for changes to the closure to allow further access to residents and tourist on the island.

Please ensure you visit for the latest updates.

Anyone travelling on fire impacted roads need to be aware that road blocks are in place for a reason, please do not drive around them. Please report any unsafe driving to SA Police on 131444 or download the Traffic Watch App

For updates visit the CFS website ( or phone the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.