High Profile Exits Following Adelaide Crows Review

Oct 11, 2019


AFC football boss Brett Burton and assistant coach Scott Camporeale follow Don Pyke out of the Crows, following the review into the club's operations.

According to the club, its board has unanimously endorsed the following:

- a change to the leadership of the football department with Head of Football Brett Burton to depart the Club

- a change to the coaching structure with Senior Assistant Coach Scott Camporeale to also leave the organisation after spending nine years in the coaching department

- the creation of a new position, Head of Leadership and Culture, to deliver a new player leadership program across all areas of the football department, including AFL and AFLW

- some small changes within the high performance department to enhance role clarity and communication between staff, coaches and players

A series of other minor enhancements will be made across the department consistent with the normal end of year review process.