Here’s The Latest On The Future Of Holden’s “Priceless” Classic Car Collection

Feb 25, 2020


A collection of 70 classic and historically significant Holden cars will remain in Australia and not go to Detroit as feared, according to a report.

Writing for, national motoring editor Josh Dowling writes:

While Holden is yet to announce exactly where the vehicles will be stored and if the public will be able to view them, CarAdvice has been told there are no plans to export the vehicles to join the global General Motors collection in Detroit.

A high-ranking Holden insider has told CarAdvice: “There is absolutely no plan to send the cars to Detroit. We will make arrangements to make sure the heritage collection is treated with the respect that reflects their historical significance.”

Holden has between 60 and 70 cars in its heritage collection, including the first and/or last examples of significant models.

A GM archivist arriving in Australia from Detroit in the coming weeks will “arrange for digital copies of Holden’s vast historical documents” rather than “run a stocktake of the heritage car collection”.