The Government Is Going To Start Putting Health Care Workers Up In Hotel Rooms

Mar 25, 2020


Frontline health care workers in SA will be accommodated in hotel rooms rather than returning home once the state reaches its coronavirus peak, says Premier Steven Marshall.

Mr Marshall said on Wednesday:

“Today I’m announcing the next stage of our strong plan to combat the coronavirus in South Australia. We’re announcing our health heroes hotel. We know this needs to be in place as we get closer and closer to that peak.

“What this hotel will do is allow those people on the frontlines to be able to have peace of mind and instead of going home to their families they would stay in a hotel. These hotel rooms will have their own bed, ensuite and bathroom facilities as well as kitchen facilities, so people who will be coming into close contact with COVID-19 don’t need to go home and spend time with their families.

“Some of them are quite anxious whether they will spread it to other family members… the state will be putting this new facility in place. We’re already out in the market, we’re speaking to hotel operators in South Australia. We will have this facility in place as we hit the peak of this disease.”