David Penberthy Shuts Down A Coronavirus Message Doing The Rounds

Mar 18, 2020


FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy has taken aim at variations on a text message distributed widely this week claiming to include details of a “complete Australian lockdown”, saying Premier Steven Marshall personally told him the message was “literally preposterous”.

Penbo said on Wednesday:

“I got a text message yesterday outlining full plans for a complete Australian lockdown. It had dates on it, it had sectors of the economy that were going to be affected… and other variations

“Just don’t believe these things, folks. Trust the prime minister and trust the premier to give you the details as they come to hand. I spoke to Steven Marshall 10 minutes ago. He said his own daughter -- and my kids were in the same boat -- kids are getting this, old people are getting this, parents are getting this, people are trying to keep their you-know-what together to keep the show on the road at home…

“The premier said – and these are his words -- it is literally preposterous. He said we’ve got to take this seriously but we are so much better protected here than anywhere else… the premier said these things that are doing the rounds are quote ‘literally preposterous’.

“Deep breaths, folks. Social media is a sewer for this kind of stuff.”