Daughter of Cecil the Lion Killer poses with dead wolves

Oct 27, 2015


If dentist Walter Palmer’s trophy picture with the iconic Cecil the Lion wasn’t bad enough, now his family are joining in on the gruesome snaps - and this time it's three times as bad!

Natalie Palmer Botes, a 27-year-old professional dancer, has been pictured grinning as she crouches by the bodies of not one but THREE dead wolves in a photo unearthed and shared by the Facebook page We Are Against Trophy hunting.

The picture was quick to spark outrage and was shared more than 80, 000 times in the week since it was first posted with over 22,000 comments – most of which share the page’s outrage at the young huntress.

Natalie also famously defended her father after he was slammed for killing Cecil in July, writing on Facebook: "Never look down on someone unless you're helping them up."

Walter, an American dentist had shot and killed the lion, who was something of a national treasure in his homeland, outside of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park using a compound bow. Conservationists believe that the lion could have suffered for up to 40 hours in prolonged agony before his eventual death.

Appearing on TV at the time of Cecil's death, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel fought back tears as he spoke about the incident, WATCH HERE: