Concerns About The Pope’s Health In Pilko’s Rumor File Today…

Mar 2, 2020


Pope Francis is “far from well” according to at least one local reporter, says FIVEaa’s Tony Pilkington.

In the last week the Pope has cancelled several official engagements -- the most during his seven years as Pope -- and pulled out of Lenten retreat for the first time [source:].

Pilko said during his ‘Rumour File’ segment on Monday:

“One of the European Vatican-based correspondents, a bloke who’s been there for a long time, supposedly has really good contacts and gets good reliable information, has been reporting to his television network in Europe over the weekend that his holiness the Pope is far from well…

“He’s been saying over the weekend that his holiness Pope Francis is not in good nick at all. He’s what 82, 83, lost a lung years ago in an operation, so he’s battling right from the word go… far from well.”