Centrelink Says It’s Released An Update That Means No More Waiting In Line Or On The Phone

Mar 25, 2020


Centrelink General Manager Hank Jongen tells FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Wednesday:

“We now have just released online capability for people to lodge an intent to claim, which means people don’t have to queue up at our offices nor do they have to wait on phone lines.

“Most of the people we’re dealing with have never had dealings with us in the past, however they’re probably familiar with MyGov… if you’ve got a MyGov account all you need to do is login and you will find the button ‘Are you affected by coronavirus, do you wish to claim job seeker payment?

“If you click that it registers with us. You don’t need to do anymore. We will then contact you to step you through the claim process.”