Adelaide FC Parklands Plan Is Great For The Crows -- Not The Public

Dec 11, 2019


The Adelaide Crows presentation to the city council regarding its parklands plan was “underwhelming” and included no plans to replace the existing Aquatic Centre at all, says a councillor who was at the presentation on Tuesday night.

Anne Moran told FIVEaa’s Leith Forrest on Wednesday:

“It was a bit underwhelming…

“When we asked them how many pools, what water space, they looked blank and said we don’t know. They had a picture of one pool… it’s not really replacing our Aquatic Centre at all.

“People that are worried about losing their amenity should be worried because they will be…

“We were disappointed… this situation has forced the council to go out to consultation without any plans for the Aquatic Centre at all, all we know is what the area is…

“It’s a fantastic solution for the Crows… it’s all good for the Crows but for the parklands not so much.

“The independents on council don’t quite know what we’re going out to consult on. There’s no more detail than when they came to us three months ago on that [Aquatic Centre] component.”

Leith said as a dad he didn't think the AFC plan stacked up for families…

“I think it’s great for the Crows but it doesn’t work in terms of a public space. You’re replacing an aquatic centre with a pool. One pool. One.

“I was there four days ago with my daughter. You know how many pools there are? Five. There is a kids pool, there’s a diving pool, there’s a lane pool, there’s a play pool and I guess you can count the water slide in there as well…

“Five into one. That maths doesn’t work for me… it doesn’t solve the Aquatic Centre problem for me.”