You May Find It Hard To Deal With How Game Of Thrones Ends

May 9, 2019


Blockbuster TV series Game of Thrones will not come to a Disney-style happy ending and will “bleed” into viewers’ lives, warns an academic.

Two episodes remain in the eighth and final series of the program, hailed by many as the greatest television series ever made.

Now Dr Tom van Laer from the University of Sydney says that Game of Thrones is diverging from most TV series, which have “disneyfied happy endings”.

“With Game of Thrones, viewers must grapple with characters’ complex experience of the end of their world and will have to cope with the aftermath,” Dr van Laer said.

“Research on the terminal phase of serial stories shows they bleed into viewers’ lives.

“Many may find it hard to deal with the fracturing finale of a story like Game of Thrones.”