Woolworths Is Under Fire After Some Horror Food Pics Appeared Online

Oct 10, 2018


Images | via au.news.yahoo.com

Woolworths’ claim to “fresh food” is under question after multiple images of spoiled products purchased from numerous stores were shared online.


The food supplies, bought from stores in QLD and Victoria before their expiry dates, appear to be covered in mould.

“Woolies are in a bit of trouble,” Leon Byner told FIVEaa on Wednesday. “There have been a number of incidents where people have gone into the shops to buy stuff and it’s got mould on it.”

“That is dangerous… it ain’t safe to eat mould, trust me…

“I know a few Woollies operators and they’re good operators. If somebody showed then a mouldy product they would be horrified.

“But if you’re going to advertise ‘we are the fresh food people’ you better make sure that you honour the promise and that you’ve got systems in place -- no matter who you are -- to ensure that if this stuff is out there, somebody checks it.”

Cheese purchased in Birkdale, QLD | Image | Chloe Khan/Facebook

Bread purchased in Everton Park, QLD | Image | Aman Singh (left) and Paddy Franks/Facebook

Salad purchased in Craigieburn, VIC | Image | Cristiaan Ven Palt/Facebook