We Could Be About To See A Lot More Flies And Cockroaches Around The Place

Feb 12, 2019


“Pest insects” like flies and cockroaches could thrive as the number of other insect species declines, says a professor.

According to 9 News, a new review has found a 40 per cent decline in insect species around the world.

But Professor Dave Goulson says the decline could result in “plagues” of other species that thrive in man-made environments.

“Fast-breeding pest insects will probably thrive because of the warmer conditions, because many of their natural enemies, which breed more slowly, will disappear,” Professor Goulson said.

“It's quite plausible that we might end up with plagues of small numbers of pest insects, but we will lose all the wonderful ones that we want.”

Meanwhile lead author of the study Dr Francisco Sánchez-Bayo has outlined three reasons for the “dramatic rates of decline” in insect species.

“The main factor is the loss of habitat, due to agricultural practices, urbanisation and deforestation,” he told BBC News.

“Second is the increasing use of fertilisers and pesticides in agriculture worldwide and contamination with chemical pollutants of all kinds.

“Thirdly, we have biological factors, such as invasive species and pathogens and fourthly, we have climate change, particularly in tropical areas where it is known to have a big impact.”