Thousands Of South Aussies Are Now Eligible To Save Hundreds Off Their Power Bills

Apr 15, 2019


Up to 120,000 South Australian households will be eligible to save up to $585 of their power bills as part of a new deal for concession card holders struck between Origin Energy and the state government.

The new deal involves at 20 per cent discount and extends an existing program to which 50,000 South Aussies are already signed up to.

Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink has told The Advertiser:

“That’s why we renegotiated a better deal from an 18 to 20 per cent discount to help people who need it,” she said.

“The new deal means high-energy usage households could save up to $585 off their annual energy bill and the offer also applies to both electricity usage and supply charge.

“I would encourage anyone receiving an energy concession to take a look at the energy discount the Liberal Government has negotiated with Origin to see if they can save more money on their energy bills.”