This Bloke Says He Picked Up FIVEaa On His Radio In FINLAND! More Than 14,000km Away…

Apr 4, 2018


A man in Finland says he was able to receive our very own 1395 FIVEaa from beyond the Arctic Circle when he pointed his 1km-long antenna in the direction of Adelaide!

“You may wonder, how I could hear your station this far,” journalist Mika Makelainen wrote in an email to the station. “Well, it really wasn't an everyday event, but rather a combination of luck, experience and effort.”

“For the past 35 years DXing, trying to catch far-away radio stations, has been my number one hobby. I have heard and received confirmations of reception from stations in over 200 countries and territories all over the world. My equipment consists of a ‘Perseus’ type communications receiver and an array of 3,000-feet/1-kilometer-long wire antennas, one of which is pointing at your direction.

“Conditions for AM listening are ideal up in Finland's northern region Lapland, far above the Arctic Circle, because there is ample space for long antennas, and hardly any man-made electrical noise or interference.”

Mika says he was able to make out the ‘aa signal back in January 2016 -- and to prove it he’s sent through the audio.



Mika Makelainen | Image | Facebook