There’s A Growing Push For A New Rail Line Into Adelaide

Jul 25, 2019


Mount Barker locals are calling for a rail line into Adelaide as motorists report feeling “frazzled” with how busy the freeway has become.

Mount Barker Council chief executive Andrew Stuart has told The Advertiser:

“In the long term, looking at rail as an alternative is sensible. It’s a 20-year project time frame but unless we start studying this now, it will probably never happen…

“It’s about time that the State Government… stepped up with looking at a few of the issues that weren’t dealt with at the time. Transport is one and schooling is another.

“In 10 years, the enjoyablity of Mount Barker has diminished. It wasn’t such a problem to commute to Adelaide as a worker but now people are saying it’s not that enjoyable to drive to work, and ‘I’m getting frazzled by how busy the Freeway is’.”