There Were ZERO Ambulances Available Yesterday During Ramping Crisis

Feb 8, 2019


UPDATE, 2.32pm -- Health Minister Stephen Wade has rejected any suggestion there were no ambulances available to respond to callouts at any point.


Adelaide was left with no ambulances available to respond to callouts at the peak of a ramping crisis yesterday, according to an unconfirmed report.

The Ambulance Employees Association has told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner 31 vehicles were left stranded outside the Royal Adelaide and Flinders hospitals on Thursday.

The union’s Phil Palmer said:

“It leaves the community at times with zero ambulances. Our members are telling us there was one of those occasions yesterday. We haven’t had that verified yet but even if it wasn’t zero it was a very small number.

“The workload period we’re in now has not declined since winter last year… it’s kept at the winter peak and continuing to climb.

“SA Health need to get their act together and try and figure out why this is happening. We can’t say why it’s happening, we just know it is.”