Desperate Bid To Stop An EXPLOSIVE Snowtown Interview From Going To Air Tonight

May 13, 2019


The woman who raised Robert Joe Wagner’s son as her own when Wagner went to jail over the Snowtown serial killings is pleading with Channel 7 not to air an interview with the son who is now 22.


Wagner’s half sister has told FIVEaa the interview should not go to air as the son has an “intellectual disability” and a “mental health history”.

She told FIVEaa’s Paul Richards over the weekend:

“This is why I am here today and breaking my silence after 20 years…

“He’s so much at risk. Once his face is out there in the community that places him at unknown risk… there’s family, friends people out there who must hate Robert and his son is now going to be at risk.

“As of Monday night the world is going to know…

“I’ve talked to lawyers and they’ve said I’ve probably got a very limited chance of getting an injunction to stop it… I’m not going to succeed there. I spoke to the guardianship board… they can’t help me.

“In the end I rang Today Tonight and said, ‘Do you realise this person has a low IQ?’ He can’t be interviewed by police without another person present. Surely they can’t be doing an interview with him.

“I am so dreading Monday…

“Robert’s son definitely doesn’t need to be exposed. And what for? Five minutes of sensationalism… there’s going to be a whole lot of people out there who now recognise who my family is, including his son.

“Do not air this. This is five minutes of sensational television with a young person who has a confirmed, clear intellectual disability who also has a mental health history.

“You are potentially putting him at risk and my family at risk… it’s just ridiculous.”




(Images: Wagner with his son as a baby. Supplied.)