There Are Calls For Koala Bridges After Roadkill Numbers Spike In SA

Jan 9, 2019


Rescue workers are calling for purpose built wildlife crossings in roadkill hotspots after the number of koalas hit by cars in SA jumped by 47 per cent from 173 in 2017 to 25 in 2018.

Fauna Rescue SA volunteer Dee Hearne-Hellon has told The Advertiser that the Southern Expressway in particular is a trouble spot that needs attention.

“There are these plastic things across the central [bridge] barrier, but if a koala finds one of those and knows to climb up it, they do not spin around and go down backwards -- and koalas only climb backwards,” Ms Hearne-Hellon told the paper.

“So they do not spin around and they just launch themselves across the next two lanes of traffic and, unfortunately, they get hit on a regular basis.

“There could be a few simple bridges or, if there is water drainage under the road, you could build a ledge for koalas to use.

“Every other state, except here, has some form of wildlife bridge or tunnel to help koalas cross busy roads.”