The Temp In Adelaide Is Going To Drop “Considerably” Later This Week

May 20, 2019


Adelaide will enjoy temps in the low 20s for the working week before the temperate drops “considerably” overnight Saturday.

The BOM’s Brett Gage has told Alan Hickey on FIVEaa:

“We’re looking at maximums of around 20-22C right through the working week. It should be fine up until Friday where we get a trough of low pressure moving through. A shower or two expected on Friday.

“It’s looking wettish without high totals for the weekend… temperatures will be dropping. At the moment we’ve got pencilled 19C as a max for Saturday and just 16C for Sunday.

“There is a front moving across the south of the state, which will just move past Adelaide overnight Saturday so the temperature will drop on Sunday quite considerably behind that front.”