The Freeway Between Sydney And Melbourne Is Shut After It Flooded

Dec 13, 2018


Image | Simon Dallinger via

Drivers had to be airlifted to safety and a number of small vehicles reportedly floated away on the Hume Freeway between Sydney and Melbourne during flash flooding on Thursday.

According to

“Scores of drivers have been rescued from their cars and trucks in northeast Victoria after storms and torrential rain smashed the state, with more on the way.

“Hundreds of vehicles became trapped on the Hume Freeway north of Wangaratta amid calls from emergency authorities to stay off the roads with about a month’s worth of rain falling in just one day.

“Taylor McPhail told the Herald Sun he and his coworkers were forced to climb onto the roof of their furniture company van when they became trapped on the freeway, about 275km northeast of Melbourne."

Image | Taylor McPhail via