The CFS Has Issued Multiple WATCH And ACT Warnings For SA Fires

Dec 6, 2018


The CFS has issued watch and act warnings for a fire at Two Wells and another on Kangaroo Island.


Latest from the CFS on Two Wells:

“The SA Country Fire Service is currently attending a fire about 4 kms south of Two Wells township, near Horseshoe Cres. CFS has issued a Watch and Act Message for this fire.

“SA CFS fire fighters are currently at the scene of this fire and aircraft are in attendance.

“The fire has been slowed but has impacted buildings and glass houses on a property on Horseshoe Cres. Under current conditions, fire fighters don't expect this fire will escape from this property.

“The fire is currently burning in grass and plastic materials and is producing smoke, which may be harmful.

“Residents in the area are advised to stay clear of the smoke and enact their Bushfire Survival Plan.

“You should not go into this area as the roads may be dangerous due to fire, smoke and emergency services vehicles on the road.”

Latest from the CFS on the fire at Gosse on KI:

“Take action now as this bushfire may threaten your safety. If you are not prepared, leave now and if the path is clear, go to a safer place. Do not enter this area as conditions are dangerous.

“The MOUNT TAYLOR fire is uncontrolled. This scrub fire is burning in a SOUTH EASTERLY direction towards MOUNT STOCKDALE ROAD AND SOUTH COAST ROAD. Conditions are continually changing.”